Scott Marcinkow Round

Scott Marcinkow, Partner
Scott is the Chair of the firm’s Workplace Law Group.  He has diverse experience advising local and national businesses in a wide variety of employment and human rights matters.  Such clients operate across multiple industries.  Scott prides himself in providing practical advice to his clients, allowing them to make informed decisions about managing their workforce. Learn more.

Rose Keith Round

Rose Keith, Associate Counsel
Rose brings a unique perspective to advising employers, having spent the last 25 years giving advice to both employees and employers. Her experience advising employees ideally situates Rose to be in a position to explain to employers the reaction that their actions are likely to elicit from employees. Rose focuses on being strategic in her advice, identifying the overall goal that her client is seeking to achieve and strategizing with them on ways to achieve that goal within the confines of the law.  Learn more.

Ryan Chan, Associate Counsel
Practicing with our Family Law and Workplace Law Groups, Ryan brings a unique perspective to employment-related matters. While he is experienced and able in the courtroom, he is equally keen to adopt alternative dispute resolution methods including Collaborative Law and mediation. Ryan assists senior lawyers on employment-related matters including terminations, wrongful dismissal, constructive dismissal, employment contracts, and human rights.  Learn more.